The newly upgraded Horsham Rocks website is now live! Big thanks to new webmaster Sam Light for all his hard work over the last few weeks.

Bands & Venues – use the contact form to let us know about your upcoming gigs. Be sure to include: BAND NAME/S, VENUE, DATE, START TIME as a minimum and any other relevant info (ticket price, charity fundraiser etc.) You can also use this form to send us your gig posters, these will be added to the home page billboard.

We will be populating the band and venue pages with photos and info as we receive it. So feel free to use the form to also send us any text or default images you’d like to appear with your listing.

PLEASE NOTE – the old Horsham Rocks email address no longer works so using the contact form (or sending us a facebook message) is the best way to let us know about your gigs currently.

Enjoy! See you at a gig some time…